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The Golden Path ...shows the third dimension fragmenting symbolically bringing in a higher frequency as the Earth ascends back to her rightful position in the Universe.
The Final Yoyage ...represents the vehicle that we call 'home', Earth, our watery planet, as she rises to the higher frequency from where she fell so many eons ago, leaving behind the duality of yin and yang. The rainbow is symbolic of this process, as are the rings in the boat which mean 'infinity', 'eternity' and 'universality'.
Genesis ...the creation of the new Earth showing advanced DNA imbuing mankind with higher spiritual truths, a pre-requisite to the eventual Christing of Earth.
The Divine Fool ...a human being who has reached a point in his/her spiritual growth whereby he has overcome his own spirit obstacles and endeavours to do God's Will, rather than his own will. It matters not what we are asked to do, for God has His overview and knows what is in our best interest and for our spiritual benefit.
Conundrum ...symbolic of the passing of the third dimension being peeled away to reveal the light of a new dimensional epoch.
The Pearl of the Cosmic Sea ...featuring the earth as a pearl. The shell represents the ethric plane that envelopes the third dimension imbuing mankind with knowledge which is gradually released by the Universe as mankind grows materially and spiritually. The bubbles represent the first seven bodies of humankind. The stars represent the trinity of the Godhead.
The Awakening of Spring ...has the energy infusing the GAIA while earth maidens imbue her with the trappings of spring, invigorating her as she awakens refreshed to begin a new cycle.
Thought Form ...a precious thought of love and peace to all humanity. What you create by thought is magnified back to Earth from the ethric plane with even greater power.
Holy Spirit ...a sweet reminder complete with bubbles of love that the Holy Spirit is there with us and can assist us if only we ask.
Dragon Master ...he has subdued his personal dragons but still faces the final challenge - the mountain of spirituality.
Identity ...a replication of the artist's thumbprint.
Doorway to Persopolis ...meaning "City of Peace" , this painting shows a gift of peace and tranquility among the chaos of the cosmos.
Cosmic Codes In deep meditation I was approached by an old man who was suddenly transformed into a brilliant apparition of light. He spoke,"In my earthly incarnation my name was Enoch. In my reality I am the Archangel Metatron!" He then requested that I paint what he called Cosmic Codes. I said I had no idea what they were or how to go about it. Then all became clear as he outlined exactly what they are: crop circles! Yes, I am aware that some have been created by a deluded ego graving notoriety, but the true crop circles are inspired by inter- dimensional energies sending a message of evolvement to us subliminally. So I did my best to oblige him. These are the results.
To be honest I have no idea what they mean, only to say that their purpose is to raise the frequency of the observer and help mankind evolve.
Binary ...the only crop circle that I may know what the meaning is. I think it features the magnetic field around two stars. It took a number of days to work out the geometric pattern and six weeks to paint!
Spiral Dance  
Many Mansions  
Worlds Within Worlds  


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