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This article was written during summer 2008.

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Message for the 21st Century by Keith English - Postscript .

When writing this communication, I had no idea that within weeks I would come to a realisation that, if true, would answer vital questions as to the origin of the human soul. Einstein is reputed to have said,“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” - A very astute and interesting observation, for without imagination it would seem impossible for humanity to evolve and acquire knowledge. There are numerous questions an enquiring mind needs to address in relation to these issues. It seems to me that one of the most important is, ‘Who Are We?’ - referring not to the physical body but the immortal soul that incarnates periodically on the material world. Where did we come from and why? Well, believe it or not I think i have arrived at a possible theory that satisfies my intuition. I do not believe that the concept that follows requires a blind leap of faith some of Earth’s religions would have us take. In fact, religions involving ascension such as Enoch and his entire city as told in the old testament of the bible and Jesus ascending from the tomb as detailed in the new testament are perfectly compatible with this theory.

Before the beginning of the Universe there was absolutely nothing. No galaxies, stars, planets, or atoms but a total vacuum, the Great Void. If we are to believe in a Supreme Intelligence, a Divine essence, God, then this wondrous deity must have a universal plan. I personally am of the view that God is a duality, both masculine and feminine. Father God oversees the positive universe which is ours; Mother God oversees the receptive universe, perhaps the other side of a black hole? As a part of the divine plan they created life in the great void but it was not life that our finite minds would understand or fully comprehend. For it was life in the form of a star, a creator son of God empowered to create his own solar system. His nucleus in the third dimension was in the form of a massive thermonuclear reactor many thousands times bigger than all his planets put together, providing energy and light to every dimension of life. Our star, the sun, is one of the billions of creator sons of God drifting peacefully in the cosmic sea of space. But unlike the vast majority, our star is only one of two stars in our quadrant of space to currently have a third dimensional planet in orbit. The other one is fifty million light years away. This star and it’s third dimensional planet will become important to the human race after the Earth has ascended back to the fifth dimension from whence it fell over forty thousand years ago.

It would seem that before the fall of Eden life was sustained in at least two dimensions: the third, where we have fossil evidence going back millions of years and primitive man going back nearly one hundred thousand years; and the fifth which accommodated those living in Eden. My intuition tells me that the fable of Eden was a metaphor for fifth dimensional existence. I think that after the fall “time” began in earnest for humanity. It was from this point in that as part of the divine plan, our star the Sun metamorphosed aspects of himself into billions of particles of exquisite shimmering luminescence that are the human soul. So our divine mentor is and has been experiencing third dimensional existence vicariously through the billions of human life streams since the beginning of time. we, dear friends, are all aspects of the Son of God if my theory is true. In higher frequencies of life, our star is a dazzling sphere of brilliant light and the abode of the angelic realm, ascended masters and unimaginable splendour that is the Great Hall, the Chamber of Silence, the Relocation Lab where souls are healed and redirected to new assignments, etc.

There are many paths to spiritual perfection. I was most fortunate to be taught the method of visualisation meditation by an ancient soul from New Mexico. As an artist, this was perfect for me, enabling me to see in higher realms. From there on I was taught in meditation by a number of Ascended Masters but for the first three years I was instructed by the ascended master Kuthumi. In the spiritual quest the aim is to eventually attain ascension or translation. To put it simply, when a student first starts a spiritual quest his being vibrates at the colour red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo; then through seven levels of white, then seven levels of gold. The transition between gold level seven and gold level eight is ascension. To give you some examples this is represented in our mythology in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the Holy Grail or for the pagan religion, the amber necklace. At this point the student becomes master, but not only that, he becomes an Ascended Master. The physical body disappears from the material world, or, as Einstein put it E=MC squared, matter transforms into energy. This happens, but in reverse, with a classification of angels that can manifest on Earth by lowering their frequency in order to assist mankind in times of stress or danger. This will only occur if intervention is part of the divine plan and for the highest good of all concerned.

Everyone who believes in God has their own mental image of the creator. Whatever the vision, I believe God to be pure love. Unlike mankind, the Divine Presence does not have an ego. Being pure love God is not vindictive, regardless of what the ancient Greeks and Romans might say. Various religions on Earth have their own ideas. But for those of us who seek their own way to the Light I offer the following: The Archangel Michael always refers to God as Father/Mother God. I am told that the true name for God is ‘AL LA’ .(note the spelling) The masculine or positive aspect is AL, the feminine or receptive aspect is LA. This is interpreted as “all” and the reverse of “all”, which is nothing. Now if you consider our universe as the positive one under the masculine influence you can understand that the opposite is true in the feminine universe, maybe you can see that when a star comes to the end of his purpose in our universe he becomes a black hole and goes back to the feminine or receptive universe.

Our scientists have come to the conclusion that the universe started with the Big Bang Theory, a massive explosion that occurred some billions of years ago, citing the evidence that the universe is expanding. The information that I have been given suggests otherwise. I have been told quite specifically that the universe is incredibly older than our scientists can comprehend. At this point in history it is expanding because it is flowing outward rather like a vast ocean. It will eventually reach an extremity and the so called tide will turn. I like to think of it as the breath of God, breathing out, then breathing in. Stars have been born, gone through their life cycle and have collapsed into black holes and gone back to the receptive universe. So, in conclusion we are all endeavouring to find our way home back to the light. Dying is easy. Anyone can do it. If I can, I will do it the hard way through Ascension, God willing.

Love & Light ,


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