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This article was written during the winter of 2007 - 2008 for the Seeker Magazine,

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Message for the 21st Century by Keith English.

As a visionary artist, I have a need to know and understand as much information as possible of a subject in order to create pictorial metaphors in my paintings. The use of symbolism is extremely important in metaphysical communication and teachings. The Star of David, the Crescent Moon and the Cross are obvious examples. Over the last couple of decades we have witnessed the nocturnal manifestation of crop circles to brighten our lives with mystery. Some, of course, are the product of a deluded ego craving notoriety. But judging by what follows, I believe the genuine ones are inter-dimensional cosmic codes to stimulate subliminal memories to help awaken mankind to higher truths. I can attest to the fact that a stalk of wheat sent to me from a genuine crop circle appeared to have the molecular structure changed at the bend. It was not creased or folded over as if you or I had done it but seemed to have the appearance of a welded joint. I mention this as an introduction to a meditation my wife and I shared. In a deep state of consciousness we were confronted by a being who first appeared as an old man, then changed dramatically into a brilliant apparition of light. He spoke, “ My name in my mortal incarnation was Enoch; in my reality I am the Archangel Metatron!” He then requested that I paint what he called ‘The Cosmic Codes’ which he explained were particular crop circle formations. I spent the best part of a year obliging him. Some are vivid, some more subtle. A number of the latter adorn our home in St. Ives creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

To explain further, the kind of meditation I use is known as ‘visualization meditation’ where one can access higher states of consciousness and, with practice, begin to see in higher frequencies. For the technically minded, we change our brainwaves from ‘beta’ (normal brainwave activity on this dimension), through ‘alpha’ (A light meditative state) into ‘theta’ (a deep state of consciousness.) It can sometimes happen that we fall asleep and enter ‘delta’ (deep sleep) so we try to hold the ‘theta’ wavelength. This of course, is the state of consciousness that everyone experiences as we fall asleep or on waking when we sometimes get brilliant ideas. Having explained how I access higher realms I can now reveal how reincarnation really works.

But first, at the risk of appearing to teach old souls new tricks, I would point out that everyone’s path to enlightenment is different; every lesson we need to learn is individual to each of us. We are all as one but unique and the path we walk, it would appear, we walk alone. But my dear brothers and sisters, that is far from the truth. You have a veritable posse of helpers sharing your trail/trial: guardian angels, guides, master teachers, helpers and, of course, that aspect of God we call the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will not infringe on your free will so has to be invited into your life. Believe me, this is not just biblical stuff. This wondrous being is essential to your spiritual enlightenment.

But back to the gist of this account: The essence of what follows is exactly how reincarnation really works and why we are all one, sharing in each others life stream on this beautiful academy of learning we call Earth.

In a deep state of meditation there appeared to me a very wise and ancient Ascended Master of most unusual appearance. Not for him the flowing white robes we normally associate with the White Brotherhood (The Ancient Mystical order of Melchizedek), but an exceedingly skinny man of Chinese ancestry wearing a simple loincloth. No sooner than he appeared, he disappeared, only to reappear in a totally different place. This occurred a few times, a little confusing but somewhat comical as he sprang from place to place in the squat posture of a Sumo Wrestler. I would point out at this stage that Ascended Masters are perfectly aware of everyone’s spiritual frequency and our level of attainment. So when answering questions, which they will do truthfully, they bear in mind our ability to comprehend the answers. Having been to the Akashic Records on a number of occasions and knowing a few of my past lives I said to him, “Christianity teaches that we only live one lifetime.” He answered that this was correct. Then I said, “Some eastern religions teach that we have many lifetimes!” He said that this was also true. There was a pause. Then he volunteered, “ How can I tell you that you are and yet you are not?” Beginning with this bizarre statement there then followed a question and answer session that continued for quite some time, eventually revealing a truth that maybe the Ancients knew but has certainly been hidden from humanity in this modern era.

Each person born on Earth is what higher realms refer to as a ‘Primary User’. So you and I are Primary Users of our physical body, in total control of our actions and destiny. We, as spirit beings, arrive on this dimension with total amnesia, forgetting who we really are, with no memory of where we came from or why on earth we came. At some stage during nativity our soul, which is already embodied, is joined by an increasing number of what higher realms call ‘Inservice’ souls. These Inservice Souls join our life stream to experience specific events in our life that will benefit their own soul growth. I am sure I do not have to remind you that souls are ethereal and do not require or occupy physical space. The Inservice Souls have the ability and permission to move in and out of different Primary Users seemingly at will, but I assume there is a Universal Law governing this. So they are able to access and experience specifically chosen episodes in a life stream that will be of value to them in their Primary User lifetime. In our past lives we were Inservice Souls, in this life we are the Primary User. So Inservice with you is a large number of these souls who are experiencing your highs and lows and all the complexities of the human condition. I trust we are all being a good example to them!

So, you may ask, “ What benefit does the Primary User (you and I) get out of this interaction?” The answer, although mind blowing, makes perfect sense in light of the oft’ quoted adage ‘There is no such thing as sin.’ For in exchange for allowing access to your life stream, your Inservice Souls take on and pay any karmic debt you have created in this lifetime. So I can truthfully tell you that you are sinless. My friend, as a Primary User you are as pure as the driven snow. The reason we have all had such trauma in our lives is because we are paying off karmic debt from our previous stints as Inservice Souls. This also explains the mystery of why so many people claim to have been the same historical figure from the past. Over the length of an average lifetime a Primary User could have many thousands of Inservice Souls. As a point of interest I was, in the same period of history, a knight of noble birth who was killed in a joust at the age of twenty-three. Later, within a few years I was Inservice with another at the end of his life.

Be warned, if you are truly on a spiritual quest and your ultimate aim is spiritual enlightenment, should you choose a lesser path you would slow down your spiritual frequency, and therefore your soul growth. And remember, your Inservice Souls are taking on the karma of your actions. My wife and I asked the Holy Spirit to comment on this point: quote – “There are free will beings who make poor choices that can shift the prevailing destiny of themselves and others but even this I can turn to benefit the highest good of all!” – unquote (channelled 24/07/07).

Some years ago I was blessed to find myself in the company of a “walk in”. This term was coined by the American author Ruth Montgomery in her book ‘Threshold to Tomorrow.’ This involves a situation whereby the embodied soul, The Primary User, cannot cope with the pressure and limitations of the third dimension. When the soul finds itself in a prolonged situation of mental or physical abuse or in a desperate position where there seems no way out, rather than contemplating suicide and with the compliance of higher realms and the Primary User a switch is made, culminating in a far more powerful and advanced Inservice Soul taking over the role of Primary User. This soul has no emotional baggage connected to the abuser and is able to deal with the difficulties dispassionately. One can only speculate on the effect this has on the abuser. I understand that Indian Mystics refer to this process as vertical schizophrenia, for duality occurs for a short period until the switch is eventually completed. These new Primary Users often bring what can only be described as miraculous abilities. Some are for their obvious protection and do not last more than a few months. Others are more permanent and stay in place indefinitely.

The human race is aptly named. Human we surely are, with all of our frailties and vulnerabilities, but humanity is also capable of attaining the greatest spiritual heights. The human race is so named, I conjecture, as we are all in a race – a race to spiritual perfection. We vie not against each other, our fellow seekers, but compete against a far more formidable foe, the Self, or to be more accurate, the Ego. Each human soul born on earth is an infinitesimal aspect of the Creator Son of Father/Mother God, each soul a microscopic aspect of this divine being’s soul. As such, we are indeed Children of God. In order to experience every possible awareness and understanding of what life on the third dimension is all about, He manifests himself by the billions on this planet.

The human Ego was created in order to provide the experience of individualism and separation. Our purpose seems to be to find answers to the fundamental questions of who we are and why we are here. The human Ego, demonically devious and designed to impede your natural inclination to be good, would rather you die than attain enlightenment. It is totally un-phased by the fact that if you die it will cease to exist, leaving your soul conscious of a missed opportunity. The Ego has a whole gamut of negative tools to impede your spiritual progress: addiction, anger, rage, criminal behaviour, abusiveness, suicide, even bad thoughts, to name but a few. Incidentally, you must be aware that negative thoughts on the earth plane are reflected from the ethric plane back down to Earth rather like an echo but with more power than initially sent and can have adverse effects on the physical plane. All these things and more are grist to the Ego’s mill.

The Will is not to be confused with the Ego. Human Will is a powerful ally, overcoming addictions and negative behaviour that the Ego has surreptitiously put in place. Will accomplishes the feats of endurance, persisting in endeavours with consummate skill and patience. Athletes are willing to train in the most appalling weather conditions, while the Ego is insisting that a warm drink and comfortable bed would be more appropriate. Then, of course, the Ego basks in the glory and oft’ times takes the plaudits of the Will’s success. The Will empowers the soul and lifts the spirit.

I equate my spiritual path with challenges facing the mountaineer: I set out with the growing excitement of new vistas opening up as I slowly ascend into this new realm of possibilities. Meditation is the key. Like the mountaineer, feeling my way; visualizing each hand and foothold before attempting the next step; to be confronted by sheer cliff face of what seems to be insurmountable obstacles in my path; experiencing the delight of overcoming the impassable with the implausible… learning the ropes, pardon the metaphor, only to discover further up the mountain that unlike the mountain climber, my Ascended Masters and angels have been guiding the rope.

Some of you, no doubt, will question the validity of this communication and may be judging that it does not conform to your particular religion’s teachings. To you I would say this: For many thousands of years humanity has been evolving both in a material sense and spiritually. The Godhead, in His/Her infinite wisdom, works with the children of earth on the basis that when the student is ready, knowledge is released to those who have the facility to receive and utilize it in a productive way. This data is then permeated into the ethric plane, the plane that surrounds the Earth rather like thought forms. This explains why so many great inventions have been created simultaneously in different parts of the world. So mankind advances materialistically.

The same applies from a spiritual perspective. Whatever impelled Jason and the Argonauts to seek out the Golden Fleece is lost in the mists of myth and legend. But this entire scenario is about man seeking to overcome his animalistic nature and strive for higher truths. Hercules, the epitome of physical strength, laboured to conquer the mythical beasts. The Twelve Labours of Hercules were all aspects of his Ego that he had to overcome in his quest for spiritual perfection. Each one was a lesson to be learned and understood. He may not have been a physical giant but was a spiritual colossus certainly. The mediumistic skills of Moses of the Old Testament brought us the very laws that most civilised societies live by today, the Ten Commandments. The great enlightened one, Buddha, urged mankind to seek enlightenment within, bringing the focus of compassion to the planet. Two thousand years ago the Master Jesus brought the focus of love and forgiveness, manifesting Christ energy on the planet. I recognise all these truths and more as being perfect for the evolution of man. The often-misunderstood pagan religion is not to do with devils or demons. It is a beautiful Earth loving religion that is in harmony with the Universe. I would exhort all people, regardless of their religion to be the best they can be.

With all of the distractions of modern life and the complicated nature of dwelling on this dimension, it is often difficult to focus on living in the Now. Buddha said, ”Life is easy for he who has no preferences.” As freewill beings we have that choice, and as Primary Users we are in an ideal situation to implement that choice. In our past lives as Inservice Souls we were obliged to accept whatever decision the Primary User made. Now we are in control of our destiny. If we wish to emulate the great spiritual masters of the past it is essential that we live neither in the past or the future but in this moment. “Each moment is a gift from God, that’s why it’s called the present.” – Unknown. If we wish to seek enlightenment in our present lifetime, it is essential that we eventually learn to align our Will with God’s Will. This is easier said than done but not impossible. It involves asking the Holy Spirit to be a part of our lives. As I stated before, the Holy Spirit will not infringe on freewill and has to be invited. This, of course, is the ultimate expression of faith in God, for in effect you are giving up your freewill and allowing the Holy Spirit to decide events for you. This can be a little worrying in the beginning but you will find new vistas open up and novel avenues of awareness appear. It is really quite fascinating.

The great gift that God gave to humanity, freewill, is returned to the Creator as we evolve, wisely trusting that God will guide us to perfection and so, as our Will becomes one with God’s Will, we join the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm in doing God’s Will in this vast Universe.


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